Heartford 2000 Pocket Mattress

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2000 Pocket Sprung

The Heartford is Luxurious Pocket Memory Foam Encapsulated Mattress. The mattress comprises of a 2000 count pocket unit which is cocooned in fabric to give perfect independent support to your body. The Heartford has a generous layer of Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, the memory foam is able to adopt to changes in the body temperature, hence providing optimum support where necessary.

The Mattress is compelled in a stress free stretch fabric, the fabric benefits from a smart technology, being able to absorb and diffuse heat in the atmosphere by regulating the heat waves in the atmosphere. The fabric provides comfort thanks to it micro climate feature which creates coolness in the heat and heat in the cold.

Pocket sprung mattresses are integrated with a zero motion transfer effect. This means, you can make movements without causing the mattress wiggle and jiggle. Zero motion transfer lets you turn in your side without causing ripples of mattress movements.

In addition to this, it has also been integrated with the no roll-off affect. You can actually sleep to the edge of the bed without worrying that you will topple over. This is something unique to pocket springs.

Symbol of elegance and nobility by kings and royals, a special blend of cashmere and viscose yarns provide you with an exotic night’s sleep. The unique spiral structure helps to control and regulate temperature at required levels.

The instant response of the deep layer of memory foam delivers an immediate sense of comfort and a consistent level of pressure-relieving support throughout the night. Top End Mattress.

Please Note: mattress is available in all sizes.


We believe that all our brands can have quality features and materials to ensure durability. Each craftsman personally signs a craftsman card that’s included with every mattress - demonstrating their own personal commitment to the ultimate sleeping comfort. They’re also put through the most rigorous quality and durability testing in the industry, ensuring consumers to sleep better.


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